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A boutique therapeutic massage studio
in Arlington, Massachusetts

A boutique therapeutic massage studio
in Arlington, Massachusetts

Mobile / At studio

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Welcome to your oasis

Escape the confines of modern life's demands and expectations,                      and immerse yourself in a serene oasis. Rejuvenate your spirit,

        nurture your body, and soothe your mind.

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An Americanized version of the Turkish word “Vaha”,

which means “oasis”.


Hello, I'm Koray

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As an esteemed guest in Waha's boutique setup, I limit sessions to three

per day to ensure top quality. Because I respect your time and investment,

and deeply value your well-being.

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​Strong belief in the importance wellness and deep interest in anatomy and physiology culminated in a career in massage therapy. The goal is to promote healing, prevention and long-lasting balance for mind, body, and spirit. ​

​​                                             ​

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Hallowen  Salem-MA
Visiting friends  Boston-MA
San Diego Zoo  CA
US Virgin Island
Big Sur-CA
Horseshoe Bend-AZ
MFA  Boston-MA
Cape Cod-MA

Your journey at Waha begins with a heartfelt smile,

setting a tone of warmth and hospitality.

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Review Rate



"Amazing message therapist! I loved that he started with head and neck instead of jumping into my back.

Lastly, as a female, Waha Studio felt really welcoming and safe.

Thanks so much for the wonderful work you do!"


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In today's fast-paced and uncertain life leads us to stress and therefore serious health problems.

   We are advised to slow down, as the antidote to this rapid pace. This approach allows us to

      find harmony in the present moment, which is the only reality. This balance is 

          what we call happiness, and its outcome is health.

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This full body relaxing series of treatment incorporates long, gentle strokes to open up y

At Waha, I focus on each and every detail to elevate your massage into an excellent therapeutic experience.

Beyond the massage, I share valuable wellness knowledge that enriches your life even after you leave. 

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Promising relief from pain while revital


It's better than just a membership; it's the ultimate value experience.

Join Today and Enjoy Exceptional Discounts

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Earn additional points by referring friends and family to enjoy even more rewards

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To inquire about pricing, ask questions, and start the booking process, please reach to Waha through the form below. 

An exceptional massage experience directly to your door.

    Transform your home, office, or hotel into a haven of tranquility             with personalized, premium treatments tailored to your needs. ​

75min / 90min Signature Series   $209 / $249

60min Medical / Sports / Stretching Series   $209

Waha's premium service, expert knowledge, and skilled touch, combined with personalized selections, create

a truly immersive experience.

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