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Waha Massage Studio's medical massage service's logo.
Waha Massage Studio's medical massage service's logo.

By choosing to seek relief, you've already taken the first step to break free from pain. Let's take the next step together!

Waha Massage Studio's medical massage service's logo.
Waha Massage Studio's logo.
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                  is dedicated to delivering unparalleled care through expert techniques and personalized attention. Whether you're seeking relief from chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or simply striving for optimal wellness, Waha is here to support you on your journey to better health.

Close-up of massage therapist's hand applying pressure on a leg during a massage session.

 60 MIN   $149

                                          2 x 30-min sessions $149         

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The health of tissues is directly dependent on the efficiency of blood circulation. Because blood provides the vital oxygen and nutrients for tissues to survive. The same applies to muscle tissue too. To understand and better visualize, let's think of the fibers that make up our muscles as flexible tubes filled with blood. The efficiency of muscle tissue's blood circulation relies on the fibers' straightness and tightness. Factors such as inactivity, incorrect posture, or repetitive movements can decrease their straightness, while stress or insufficient lymph circulation can increase the tightness of the tubes. When these happen, tissues cannot get enough oxygen and nutrition. This causes tissue damage, and we feel it as pain, which is a message from our bodies telling us they need help.

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Close-up view of muscle fibers bundled together.

Due to the reasons mentioned before, muscle fibers with poor blood circulation often become tense and constricted over time. To restore them to a healthy state and promote blood flow to these narrowed areas, pressure is necessary. This pressure can be generated internally through activities like physical exercise or externally through massage therapy. Your therapist utilizes precise strokes and appropriate pressure, guided by anatomical knowledge, to facilitate blood circulation throughout the muscle fibers. This process helps to relax and open up the fibers, allowing for improved oxygen and nutrient delivery to the entire muscle tissue. This is where relief begins.

Conditions treated

Chronic back pain Neck stiffness or pain Shoulder pain Muscle tension Headaches/migraines Postural imbalances Sciatica

Pro tip

During your session, bring your awareness to the area I am working on by breathing into it. This way, you will awaken the neural pathways of  your

target muscle and enhance the functioning of your nervous system. This is also another great way to strengthen the body-mind connection.

Waha Massage Studio's medical massage service's logo.

Arthritis pain Sports injuries Fibromyalgia symptoms Stress and anxiety Insomnia TMJ dysfunction Carpal tunnel syndrome Plantar fasciitis

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